Point Blank Dev: A Code School

Point Blank Dev: A Code School

The last few months I've been busy- really busy.

I'd known for a while I needed some help to tackle my current workload, but hadn't found the time to get someone up to speed. It turns out things come together pretty quick when the internet starts working for you.

A few weeks ago I sent out a tweet that got a lot more attention that I ever thought it would

With nearly a quarter million impressions, I was overwhelmed with amount of people who are passionate about learning to code, and the idea of an apprenticeship.

I realized I hadn't really thought through this particular scenario. How could I possible interview over 100 candidates in any reasonable amount of time?

Then something interesting happened... I started to see some calendar invites arrive in my schedule. Turns out of the nearly 10 thousand people who clicked on this tweet, and the 1500 who clicked on my profile. About 20 of those who navigated to my website from my twitter profile found my calendar invite link, and set themselves up with some time to talk with me about the opportunity.

This was an interesting turn of events, and I decided to embrace it.

If you've ever read "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" you'd know Be Proactive is the first habit. It's essential to self-management and it's even more important in our current paradigm of remote work everywhere.

Turns out there were exactly the people I needed to be talking to. Many showed up to those calls, ready and excited to learn and grow in their chosen career paths as web developers. Their excitement was contagious, and quickly I started to think of how I could find a win-win arrangement that would benefit everyone.

That brings me to here, announcing a new kind of code school, teaching Modern Web App Development.

I'd like this school to be different, in that it exposes students to real work work with modern tools, with a focus on great user experiences. Every assignment will be purposeful- either growing the student's personal portfolio or to making progress on a client's project.

In my head, I have a 5 year roadmap, but I only plan things about a week or two in advance. It's hard to say exactly where this will evolve to become.

I'm just happy that I'll be able to help people work toward their goals of being awesome software developers. If I'm able to get some help on a project, that's great and I'm happy to pay for value-add work that I'd otherwise have to do myself.

Introducing Point Blank Dev: A Code School 🚀