Now working with Gather

I'm excited to announce I've decided to start working with the great folks over at They have a vision to build a inviting and inclusive gaming community open to all.

Now working with Gather

When I was young, I was lucky to have a lot of opportunity to play in intramural sports. I'm happy that I had those experiences— they helped me stay healthy and socialize. Of course, that's not for everyone, and sometime I wonder If it wasn't for me, as someone with a physical disability. Ultimately, there was a limit on what I'd be able to realistically achieve in physical sports. All that's in the past, and it's contributed to who I am today, so I don't regret those experiences. I also don't necessarily wish them upon anyone else. It was emotionally exhausting and I often felt like an outsider. Fortunately, our world if becoming more inclusive and open.

Gather aims to be a intramural league for all those who enjoy competition, but haven't found it within traditional avenues. Kids and adults who enjoy gaming, but are for one of many reasons have found an affinity to video and console games, rather than physical sports. I'm proud to help make that dream a reality working with them. Helping people of all backgrounds and abilities levels feel confident and successful is important work— I believe will help them build those skills and bring them to other domains of their life.

I'll be bringing my near decade of experiencing building full-stack applications on AWS and other major cloud providers. I'm also very excited to be working on Discord integrations and bot software. It will be integral component in automating tournaments and competitive matching making within the Gather ecosystem.

I'm looking forward to working with Gather 🍻